12' Original - Polynesian Shores

12' Original - Polynesian Shores

10'6 Inflatable - Beach Bliss

10'6 Inflatable - Beach Bliss

12' Fishing SUP

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New Arrival: 2021 YOLO Fisher SUP
• 35" Wide, Super Stable, and Easy to Paddle
• Displacement Hull Cuts through Water Quietly - Won't Alert Your Catch!
• Molded Recess for Securing Your Bait Bucket
• Integrated Mounts for Tying Down Coolers and Other Gear
• Yak Attack SUP Fishing Rig Compatible
• 320lb Weight Capacity - Perfect for Hauling All Your Gear

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The YOLO Fisher Stand Up Paddleboard provides a wide, super stable platform that's easy to paddle and can haul all the gear you'll need for your next SUP Fishing Adventure. The Fisher SUP features a displacement hull so the board's nose cuts through the water's surface, avoiding the "water slap" noise that can alert your catch when paddling. A rounded recess is molded into the board's deck so your bait bucket stays secure. The Fisher also features integrated mounts for tieing down coolers, attaching anchors, and are compatible with a variety of YAK Attack SUP fishing accessories. Incorporated into the board's stunning design is a handy ruler on the rail to ensure your catch is legal before you even pull it out of the water.

The YOLO Fisher was designed with the SUP Fisherman in mind - but it's also a great option for anyone new to SUP that may be older, heavier, or balanced-challenged. It's the widest, most stable all-around YOLO Board in our lineup. The YOLO Fisher could be the perfect SUP for you, even if you don't own a rod!

WIDTH: 35"
HEIGHT: 5.8"
WEIGHT: 35 lbs
VOLUME: 250 liters
RIDER LIMIT: 325 lbs


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