In case you’re new to the scene, here’s the 411: SUP (stand up) paddle boarding is fun as heck, great exercise, and super easy to learn. However, you might have to get past a few common misconceptions before you’re ready to try it out!

Below we are going to debunk 10 of the most common myths and misconceptions floating around about SUP boarding and give you our twist on the matter. We’re pretty sure that after this read you’ll be ready to jump on a stand-up paddleboard tomorrow to see if you can’t prove us wrong.

Myth # 1: SUP boarding is hard to learn

While there are plenty of fancy techniques and tricks of the trade for those who get really profesh at it, in reality, just about anyone can jump on a SUP board and roam freely around a lake or a calmer body of water on their first day. (The key is calm water!!)  Make sure to take a quick lesson or go with someone who has taken a paddleboarding lesson. Start on your knees and when you are ready to stand up, put the paddle in the water and begin paddling immediately. This will help with stability. The rest will come with time on the water, just keep paddling!

The swiftness with which you can hop onto a SUP board and sail away is one of our favorite characteristics about this sport.  You just have to be on the right sized board for your frame.

Myth # 2: Paddle boarding takes a lot of strength

This is our favorite myth to debunk. Spoiler alert, the answer is really doesn’t!

While SUP boarding is a great form of exercise and will really get your heart pumping and core and legs activated, just about anyone can do it -- no matter their fitness level. You might need to start out calm and steady and you’ll have to work up to gaining more speed and agility, but getting onto a SUP board and enjoying a few hours of water gliding is something that you’ll be able to do on your first try.

If you’re feeling skeptical about this one, we’d love for you to try it out and see how right we are!

Myth # 3: Inflatable paddle boards perform the same as hard boards

Kind of, but not really.  If you are on calm water, there isn’t much of a difference, however if the water is choppy, the inflatable boards will move more in the water, thus being less stable.

There are many benefits of inflatables-portability, easy to store, light weight, easy to carry, easy to paddle.  You have to determine which factors are most important to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our inflatable SUP boards are good for any paddle boarding experience, whether more extreme sporting (paddling white water) or casually gliding along in lakes and rivers.

When it comes to determining which is the most suitable board for you, the length, width, volume, shape, and construction are all important factors to consider to help you decide on your purchase. That said, if an inflatable board is an option that best fits your needs, you will be able to perform just as well as you would with a hard board under the right conditions.

Myth # 4: Inflatable paddle boards aren’t durable

We get this one a lot, and we completely understand why! Inflatable items, in general, get a bad rap, people tend to think of holes, wheezy sounds, and one of those $25 inflatable mattresses that promptly deflate after 2 hours of laying on them… relatable much?

Fortunately, our YOLO inflatable paddle boards are quite the opposite! With their ultra reinforced seams and added layers of marine-grade PVC (the same material used to construct white-water rafts), they are completely airtight and durable, specifically designed to weather harsh conditions and lots of wear and tear. Plus, we’ve increased the volume on our new 2019 inflatable boards for added stability and balance.

The idea behind our inflatable variations is that you get the same paddle boarding experience, but with the added benefit of the ease of taking it with you anywhere you go! You can even check it as luggage on a plane!

Myth # 5: SUP paddle boards are too expensive

Like most quality sports gear, well-made and engineered SUP boards are priced based on their quality of manufacturing, materials, design and engineering. Our YOLO Boards are priced between $800-2,000 USD, a worthy investment, to be sure, considering you’ll be the proud owner of a top-notch product that will provide immense entertainment for years to come! Some of our customers have had their boards for over 10 years.  They have paid less that a gym membership, and made much better memories on the water!

Be that as it may, we understand its still an investment. That’s why we provide super affordable financing and payment options on our website where you can pay as little as $30 a month.

Worth it? Definitely!

Myth # 6: SUP boarding is dangerous

SUP boarding can be as safe or dangerous as you make it, just like any sport. If you understand the ropes and take the necessary precautions, like wearing a leash and a pfd, your SUP boarding experiences are more than likely to be safe and breezy.

We put together a super practical list of tips and hacks that you can implement on your next SUP boarding adventure to give you all the necessary insight and protocols you need to follow to get you securely paddleboarding like a pro in record time.

Myth # 7: Stand up paddle boards aren’t built to last

While we can’t speak for all brands, our YOLO SUP boards are thoughtfully built to provide you with many, many years of enjoyment. We even have Ultra Tough Stand up Paddle boards that you can choose from depending on your level of paddle board wear and tear, so you can find just the right board to fit your needs.

Also, we provide a year-long warranty for all new board purchases, and we will also provide you with the best pro-tips for caring for, storing, and using your board to ensure it holds up for you in the best possible way!

We don’t believe in disposable products. Our business model is based on providing our customers with a memorable and quality experience while enjoying our top-notch gear!

Myth # 8: Inflatable SUP Boards can’t be used in the ocean

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video!? Just check out some our awesome footage to see for yourself how well our inflatable SUP boards perform in the ocean as well as any other body of water!

Myth # 9: Inflatable paddle boards take forever to inflate

Our inflatable SUP boards are equipped with easy-to-use double-action hand pumps that are as user-friendly as they come. In just 6-9 minutes you’ll have unpacked your board from its portable backpack, inflated it, and the two of you’ll be in the water before you know it.

Check out this tutorial to see for yourself!

Myth # 10: Paddleboarding isn’t for children and elderly

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to outdoor sports and activities, but any child or an elderly person who is interested in trying out a SUP paddle board is in for a surprisingly breezy and enjoyable experience. Just take it slow and ease into it!

Our YOLO Tribe is made up of people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and cultures and we can’t wait for you to join us no matter your age and experience, or lack thereof.

All things considered, despite a few myths and misconceptions, most users find is that SUP paddle boarding is a safe, fun, effective, affordable, and exhilarating activity! If you choose to invest in a YOLO SUP board, we promise that you’ll get more than your money’s worth due to the quality of our products as well as the additional community, support, and materials our brand provides.

If this blog got you that happy spot where you feel prepared and excited to jump on a SUP board and kill it -- even if it’s your first time -- then we consider our mission accomplished. Make sure you check out our online community, tutorials, and blogs to get the whole enchilada, a.k.a. the best possible experience.

Can’t wait to hear how much you’re loving your brand new YOLO Board!