October 2008

  1. Chasing Dolphins

    >Dawne Raulet, Tom Losee and Margie and Brad Zeitlin paddled their new YOLOBoard standup paddleboards with dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico off of Santa Rosa Beach, FL. You won't believe how close they were to them. Watch this amazing video.
  2. YOLOboard in Niceville, FL...Nice!!

    >Donna Fox gets her YOLO on -in her backyard paradise of Niceville, Florida.
  3. Have a YOLOboard Birthday Party!

    >Looking for a new idea for your next party? How about a YOLO party! Here's what one mom had to say about her daughter's 13th birthday party: "Lauren and a few of the others attend Rocky Bayou Christian School and the others attend Ruckel Middle School. Their names are Lauren, Cameron, Bess, Brittney, Cat, Casey, and Kaylyn. The Yoloboard Party...

    >Hi guys, its me, Kathryn Lorusso rocking the yoga poses (Warrior and Fixed Firm) and having big fun on one of your YOLOboard standup paddleboards this past weekend on Eastern Lake at Watercolor.Both are from bikram yoga (hot yoga in a 105 degree room)Thanks again for the great experience!
  5. Trickin' out the YOLOboard

    >Chris Lambert, of Destin, FL, customized his ride with a camera and handles. Check out the video-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09MxFtnZH9M

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