February 2009

  1. Ace Performer - YOLO windsurfing!

      Roy Massey of Ace Performer-one of our newest dealers-in Fort Myers, FL, retro-fitted his YOLOboard with a removable windsurfing attachment. So when there is wind he's flying, and when there isn't-he's paddling the beautiful south Florida waters. He is the perfect example of the You Only Live Once lifestyle! check out his website at aceperformer
  2. Valentine's Day in Jupiter, FL

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  3. Road trip to the Keys

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  4. YOLOyak in Mission Bay

    >Dennis Kilian takes his YOLOyak out for a paddle at sunset on Mission Bay in San Diego, CA"It's very stable and very fun- I'm stoked!"
  5. Barbie YOLO Birthday Cake

    >Allison's mom surprised her with a YOLO birthday cake. We love it!!! She also wrote: "Can't wait for the Summer Series to start, I've recruited some great gals!!"We can't wait either! The 2009 race series will be awesome!
  6. YOLOyak in Atlanta

    >Steve Combs, of Stone Mountain Surf, proudly paddles the first YOLOyak at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA. For a surfer like Steve, who is originally from the Florida Panhandle, being land-locked is not so bad now that he has his yak!

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