July 2009

  1. Sunset Dog Walk

    >Dan Krolczyk from LakeSUP in Minnesota enjoys a sunset paddle with his best bud. Read more about Dan and Tara here: www.lakeSUP.com
  2. YOLO Reina

    >As soon as she got home to Covington, LA, Reina Gardner had to put her pink YOLO sticker on her new Prius. She and Sean battled the waves in the gulf, and had a ball on the YOLOyak. Hope to see you again soon!!
  3. 30a TV feature on Running of the Boards!

    >Check out this awesome clip from 30A TV on the Running of the Boards event!Shared via AddThis var so1 = new SWFObject("http://www.30atelevision.com/newplayer/player.swf", "flvplayer", "590", "367", "8", null, true); so1.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true"); so1.addParam("allowSciptAccess", "always");so1.addVariable("flvpath", "http://www.30atelevision.com/uploads/mp4:eAbIcjVdgUUXf2lA5Oii.mp4");so1.addVariable("featuredxmlpath", "http://www.30atelevision.com/getfeaturedxml.php"); so1.addVariable("flv_id", "637"); so1.addVariable("advertisementPath", "http://www.30atelevision.com/getads_newxml.php"); so1.addVariable("autostart", "false"); so1.write("flashcontent2");
  4. What's SUP? A Guide to Stand Up Paddling

    >Check out YOLO and LAKE SUP on Athleta's cool site:What’s SUP? A Guide to Stand Up Paddling
  5. twincitieslive.com - Live at Lake Calhoun!

    >YOLO Dealer Dan Krolczyk shows off the YOLO explorer in a local news station feature story. After coming to Florida, he couldn't find a SUP board, so he decided to open his own shop! Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lake Calhoun in Minnesota. Check it out here.twincitieslive.com - Live at Lake Calhoun!Shared via AddThis
  6. Local stand up paddle board action for July

    >Lori Crier of WaltonOutdoors.com highlights local SUP action for July! Her website is a great local resource. Local stand up paddle board action for July | Welcome to Walton OutdoorsShared via AddThis

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