August 2011

  1. YOLO Hula Hoop!

    How about YOLO Hula Hoop!! Woop Woop! The San Miguel family enjoying their boards in Grayton Beach, FL!
  2. YOLO Kacie in VA race

    Hey there. Great race in VA Beach yesterday. Beautiful day.... and as always, thankful to spend it paddling. I had a good race. Kept 5.1-5.5 mph speeds most of the way. Second place... Anne Gassett got me again... I think I can match her, or pass her, on the speed (particularly in flat water). She smokes me though on the...
  3. YOLO Scrapbook Moment

    Check out this blog It has a great story on a day with Ingo aka "Jax" from General Hospital at Watercolor. You Only Live Once!
  4. Alvaro ripping it up in Costa Rica

    Alvaro ripping it up at Vista Guapa in Costa Rica. Pura Vida! They have great SUP camps available! For more info click here!
  5. 1st day of school YOLO !

    Hi YOLO! At orientation for school on Friday Brooks Babics was assigned an "activity" project. There was no doubt he was going to do his favorite thing... YOLO! Here is his finished project. We love you all YOLO team. Rebecca Laken, Beau, Brooks & Elle

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