January 2018

  1. YOLO Board sponsors the Southern Stoke Paddle Series

    YOLO Board sponsors the Southern Stoke Paddle Series
    We are so proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Southern Stoke Paddleboard Series of races.  Tommy and Susan Cost, who also happen to be YOLO Board dealers, Kim Hillhouse and Kenny Reed are the brains behind this operation, which includes 12 races this year. If you haven't attended one of their paddle board race events, you should definitely...
  2. SUP Board Tips: 10 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

    SUP Board Tips: 10 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid
    So, you’re a newbie to the wild world of SUP… In case you didn’t know there is far more to SUP boarding then simply standing up. From your balance to your board, there are plenty of factors that can make or break your first paddle board experience. We don’t want you to miss out on all the fun, so we’ve...
  3. Kacie Wallace

    Kacie Wallace
    Kacie embraced the world of SUP with the same zest and passion that has led her on a career path that includes roles as varied as artist, designer, filmmaker, police officer, attorney, mediator law professor, and now Athlete Ombudsman. A vivid dream of paddleboarding between Hawaiian Islands, despite never actually paddling before in real life, inspired Kacie to try the...
  4. Ambassador: ALDEN EASTER "ACE"

    Ambassador: ALDEN EASTER "ACE"
    Welcome to our newest ambassador! Born in Austin, Texas, it didn't take long for Alden to realize saltwater ran in her blood after moving to Seaside, Florida with her family and dogs. Always looking for ways to spend time on the water after moving to the beach, she quickly found paddle boarding as a way to spend hours on...

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