Of course you know the “E” in E bike stands for electric, but one could argue that it also stands for easy. Electric bikes are not only more practical than a traditional bike, they are far more easy to use and enjoy!

There are so many benefits to riding an E bike (in fact we address the topic in depth here), but the ease they bring to your daily life is certainly at the top of the list. Why make things harder on yourself, when there’s a bike out there that can make your ride a breeze?

Ease on down the road with us as we discuss the main ways an electric bike can make your life so much easier...


Fighting traffic and finding parking can be the most stressful part of your daily commute. Riding a bike is a good way to solve the problem, however traditional bikes can leave you tired and sweaty by the time you arrive to work.

E bikes are the easiest solution! The pedal assist motor allows for easy pedaling and minimal exertion during those long commutes. This allows you to arrive at the office feeling fresh and ready for anything that that day has to throw at you.

You won’t need to change clothes or shower after your ride. Plus, there’s no reason to dread the journey home after an exhausting day of work. Circumvent traffic, ditch the crowded parking lots and enjoy the beautiful outdoors as you cruise to work on your electric bicycle.


If you are biking in a city with hills, or need to travel any sort of long distance on a traditional bike, odds are - you’re going to feel it in your thighs and calves. Though the workout is good, sometimes those longer distances can be more work than you bargained for.

Electric bikes allow you all the freedom and efficiency of a traditional bike, without the extra leg work. The pedal assist motor kicks in when you need it most so there’s no need to power through, working your legs to exhaustion on those long rides.

And, there are different power levels, so if you want more or less of a workout, you simply adjust the settings. Gone are the days of leg cramps and tired muscles! E bikes give you a leg up so you can ride easy.


Initially E bikes have a higher price tag than regular bicycles. But in reality electric bikes are easier on your wallet overall. Because they are so convenient to use and easy to ride, odds are you will want to use it more often than a traditional bike, or even more than driving a car.

If you take in consideration all the gas money you will be saving - this ride will pay for itself in no time. And, not just gas but also rideshare fare and parking fees. You save money every time you choose ride an E bike. This is the most frugal and the most responsible way of transport!

But, the most cost-efficient benefit comes when you purchase your E bike from YOLO. You don’t have to pay for a new electric bike in one lump sum. Right now, we offer 0% financing on all YOLO 30A E Bikes! So, you can pay under $100 a month for a brand new ride, without any added fees!


Though electric bikes are sophisticated machines, they are easy to assemble. Before you can start cruising on your new E bike, there’s usually some basic assembly required, depending on what kind of electric bike you get and from where it was purchased.

Your new electric bike will most likely arrive in a box. They come partially disassembled, but don’t worry - all the technical stuff will be intact and ready to go. All you need to do is assemble the hardware components, including:

  • Front wheel
  • Pedals
  • Handlebars
  • Seat

Also, some electric bikes come with an additional rear rack, reflectors, mud flaps, or lights. These additional accessories are usually optional.

Before taking the newly assembled electric bike for a spin, you'll also need to do some adjustments and preparations for the safest and most comfortable ride. Before riding your electric bike for the first time be sure to:

  • Charge the battery
  • Pump the tires
  • Check and adjust the brakes and brake pads
  • Check and adjust the seat height and alignment
  • Check and adjust the derailleur
  • Check and adjust the wheel spokes and true the wheels

For extra safety assurance, you can always have your new electric bike pre-checked by a certified bicycle mechanic at your local bike shop.


The real beauty of purchasing an electric bike these days, is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All the information you need to find the perfect E bike is right at your fingertips.

Simply click, choose your payment option and in a few days you’ll have a brand new electric bike right at your doorstep.

And, right now if you order an E Bike from the YOLO website you get FREE SHIPPING! For no extra cost you can purchase and have your electric bicycle delivered right to you.