1. 12 Days of Christmas Deals with YOLO

    12 Days of Christmas Deals with YOLO
    It’s the most epic time of year again, and while we are reminiscing about 2018 and contemplating our new year's resolutions, it’s also good to remember that You Live Only Once! This is just a friendly reminder to treat yourself to something special this Christmas. If Santa doesn’t have your back, don’t worry! We got you. Starting Friday, December 7th...
  2. Unbelievable YOLO Holiday Deals

    Unbelievable YOLO Holiday Deals
    Black Friday & Cyber Monday stand up paddle board deals are coming your way. We’re offering the best deals on the most awesome boards and bikes around.
  3. Father’s Day 2018: YOLO Sale & Gift Guide

    Father’s Day 2018: YOLO Sale & Gift Guide
    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2018 There’s no better way to bond, than going on an adventure with your dad. Some of the most memorable times in life are spent camping, fishing, biking and hiking with that special father-figure in your life. Explore the outdoors with your pop for Father’s Day weekend by getting him a gift from YOLO. From bikes...
  4. Black Friday Paddleboards & Bikes

    Black Friday Paddleboards & Bikes
    Local Gulf Coast residents we hope to see you this Black Friday and throughout the weekend for incredible deals! First 30 people get $100 gift card! Open at 6am. Check out some of the in store only deals below. YOLO Board + Beach 11610 US Hwy 98 W Miramar Beach, FL 32550 ON SALE BOARDS  Get some of our...
  5. Tell Us What You Want

    Tell Us What You Want
    The savings start right now and there are even more on the way. So sign up today!  

    Also known as the "Sherpa," this board provides a super-stable platform for fishing, with enough cargo area and attachments to load whatever gear you'll need for any enjoyable excursion.  Perfectly suited for fishermen, or for those who want to paddle with passengers or who may be balance-challenged and need the extra stability.  New V-shaped hull keeps the ride stable and...
  7. Fall Savings On Paddle Boards & More

    Fall Savings On Paddle Boards & More
    Fall is one of our favorite paddling seasons. So we thought we'd make it even better with some really great fall savings! You Only Live Once EXTRA TOUGH PADDLE BOARDS $785 + FREE Shipping GREAT FOR KIDS PETS & YOGA $885 + FREE Shipping
  8. Fletcher Fastest in Florida

    Fletcher Fastest in Florida
      Team rider Garrett Fletcher now has bragging rights to "The Fastest Paddler in Florida" after making his way onto the podium this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race. At the beginning of the race season, Danny Smith brought together the directors of some of the largest races in Florida with the idea of creating a...
  9. LiftSUP handle boosts race performance

    LiftSUP handle boosts race performance
    A lot goes into paddle board racing. From the board design to the training regimen, victories and heartbreaks are measured in half seconds, and are the direct results of the slightest variations in the subtlest of details. One unsung hero of race performance is perhaps the most obvious and utilized component of every board: the handle. All YOLO race...

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