Also known as the "Sherpa," this board provides a super-stable platform for fishing, with enough cargo area and attachments to load whatever gear you'll need for any enjoyable excursion.  Perfectly suited for fishermen, or for those who want to paddle with passengers or who may be balance-challenged and need the extra stability.  New V-shaped hull keeps the ride stable and...
  2. 30A Half Marathon & 5K

    30A Half Marathon & 5K
    Join us for the inaugural 30A Half Marathon and 5K!  The festivities begin Friday October 21st with a BBQ at Watercolor, followed by an expo and packet pick up on Saturday and the event on Sunday. All race proceeds will benefit The Sonder Project’s mission to change the world through high-impact, sustainable projects aimed at ending extreme poverty and fighting...
  3. Fall Savings On Paddle Boards & More

    Fall Savings On Paddle Boards & More
    Fall is one of our favorite paddling seasons. So we thought we'd make it even better with some really great fall savings! You Only Live Once EXTRA TOUGH PADDLE BOARDS $785 + FREE Shipping GREAT FOR KIDS PETS & YOGA $885 + FREE Shipping
  4. Leash is the new sexy

    Leash is the new sexy
    One accessory that you cannot leave home without is your leash.  It's a matter of SAFETY FIRST!  When the SUP industry was in it's infancy, the leash was not a topic of discussion.   As racing became a bigger part of the sport, that's when leashes came to the forefront of the game.  We now know that a leash is...

    Our team rider, Karen Mirlenbrink, is heading up some amazing retreats in 2017.  How would you like to head to a SUP Pilates retreat in Puerto Rico?!  Yes, Please!!  Karen is holding her SUP Pilates retreat on January 19th, 2017 in Puerto Rico as well as in Australia August 5-13, 2017.  Find out more about these bucket-list SUP trips HERE.
  6. YOLO listed on JetSetter.com

    YOLO listed on JetSetter.com
    JetSetter.com just listed our YOLO Coastal Cruiser SUP board as "What to pack for the beach". We are stoked to be included the list of 25 seaside essentials to maximize your fun in the sun. !  Check out the full article HERE.  
  7. Garrett Fletcher Ranked #1

    Garrett Fletcher Ranked #1
    We are so stoked to announce that YOLO Team Rider Garrett Fletcher is ranked #1 by the World Paddle Association for the 14' Open Division. Check out the rankings HERE .  For the 2nd year in a row, he won the Triple Crown of SUP in Florida.  The Michael O’Shaughnessy Triple Crown of SUP racing for Florida is earned by having the lowest...
  8. Vote for YOLO for Brand of the Year!

    Vote for YOLO for Brand of the Year!
    YOLO Board has been nominated for Brand of the Year in the Supconnect Awards 2016.  Please follow this link to vote. Here is some info on the awards: After a massive makeover of the Supconnect Awards and ground breaking success in 2015 we’re very excited to launch the awards again this year as we’re gearing up for another great year...
  9. Black Warrior SUP Race July 16

    Black Warrior SUP Race July 16
    Second Annual Black Warrior SUP Championship on Lake Nicol in Tuscaloosa Alabama hosted by Smith Lake Paddle Boards. The 6 mile course and 3 mile course will be part of the Southern Stoke Paddle Series. Both race will also be the second and final legs of the Black Warrior SUP Championship. Everyone who registers will be entered to win...
  10. 5 Tips For Preventing Paddleboard Injuries

    5 Tips For Preventing Paddleboard Injuries
    1) Make sure you aren’t “white knuckling” your paddle. Think of your hands basically as “hooks”. They are simply there as a connection point between your paddle and your body throughout your paddle stroke. Grasping your paddle too tightly puts unnecessary pressure in your forearms, and thus your wrists and elbows. As you hold the shaft with your bottom hand...

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