South Walton, Florida, November 20, 2015 -- You know all those perfectly good groceries that get left behind whenever guests check out of their vacation rental? The 30A CompanyYOLO Board, and 360 Blue have teamed up to make sure that discarded food reaches people in dire need, locally and abroad. It's part of The Sonder Project, a new non-profit aimed at ending extreme poverty and hunger. 



The Sonder Project is focused on high-impact, sustainable projects, including one of their most recent efforts, Project: feed, which started in Santa Rosa Beach and has quickly gained national momentum. Project: feed helps vacation rental companies across the United States collect and redistribute nonperishable food items that departing guests routinely leave behind at the end of their stays.



Over 100 vacation rental management companies across the country have already joined the program, and the hope is that with minimal effort, Project: feed can help the vacation rental industry come together to make a real impact in the fight against hunger.


Ashley Hamm of The Sonder Project
"Our international projects are already making a real difference in the lives of so many who are suffering around the world, and the support we've received for our new effort to fight hunger here at home has been nothing short of amazing," said Ashely Hamm, co-founder of The Sonder Project and CEO of 360 Blue.



The Sonder Project's global efforts are focused on some of the poorest areas in the world and include building schools with an emphasis on equal opportunities for girls, drilling wells to provide safe drinking water and coordinating deworming campaigns to help children stay healthy enough to thrive and learn.

With's massive fanbase of more than 370,000 Facebook fans and loyal daily 30A Radio listeners, The 30A Company's goal is to bring mainstream awareness of The Sonder Project's mission.

"30A has been a proud supporter of numerous charities since day one, and it's a core part of who we are as a growing company and a brand," said 30A's Mike Ragsdale. "By joining our efforts with other leading and like-minded companies, we can multiply the impact we have both locally and internationally."

YOLO Board's CEO Jeff Archer said his company has built a brand around celebrating the importance of enjoying life and they've been searching for a way to focus that brand and energy behind a charity that makes a real difference. The partnership was a perfect fit.

"Small but sustainable efforts can have a massive impact globally, while still understanding the importance of working to help those at home," Archer said. "The ability to help others reach their potential and enjoy the many blessings of life is part of our story."

Jason Sprenkle, co-founder of The Sonder Project, said the more the three companies worked together, the more they realized what a shared vision they all had for "building great brands with passionate employees centered around a true culture of giving back.

"30A and YOLO are both incredible organizations with a passion for enjoying life, an amazingly generous fan base and a true appreciation for helping others."

What Does 'Sonder' Mean? Sonder is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own -- each with a story to tell, each with a story worth hearing.