Proud owners would all agree that eBikes are a great method of active travel. eBikes help riders smooth out barriers such as hills, wind, and long distances without breaking a sweat.

And contrary to a widespread belief, riding a pedal-assist bike doesn’t equal cheating when it comes to physical exercise.

A group of researchers at the University of Bristol has aimed to assess the health benefits associated with eBiking. By looking at 17 studies with 300 participants included in the study, they have found that eBiking not only contributes to meeting physical activity recommendations but also increases fitness.

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity that doubles as an environmentally friendly commute, look no further! We’re backing you up with scientific insights into the health and fitness benefits of riding Electric Bikes.

Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Pedal-assist eBikes are a great way to stay active for those too busy to exercise a few times a week. If you find yourself stuck in traffic every day, pedelecs can help you switch to a more physically active way of commuting.

According to the aforementioned study, cycling is healthier and performed at a higher intensity than riding an eBike. Still, eBiking improves cardiovascular health in physically inactive individuals and beats walking when it comes to physical activity.

1. eBikes help to get aboard people who are physically inactive

eBikes increase bodily power output up to five times. By doing so, pedelec bikes help their riders to get rid of various obstacles on their way and travel longer distances.

This means that people who cannot otherwise ride road bikes because of their health concerns, can enjoy a ride. That includes people who have painful knees, bad joints or are prevented from riding due to weight problems or their old age.

Study findings also suggest that eBikes are suitable for people with poor health. The researchers specifically highlight the benefits of eBiking for overweight middle-aged individuals with type 2 diabetes and older people who are recovering from surgery due to coronary artery disease.

Study participants who were novice cyclists also claimed that the assistance provided by eBikes motivated them to start riding. It also increased the likelihood of eBiking in the future, both for commuting and leisure purposes.

When it comes to seasoned pedelec riders, the study suggests that Dutch riders tend to commute 50% further on eBikes compared to regular bicycles.

In another study, Norwegian scientists have recently looked closely at various aspects of physical activity when riding an electric-assisted bicycle. They have found that eBikers remain physically active as high as 95% of their biking time. In other words, eBiking might be a great way to get otherwise physically inactive demographics to engage in fitness. Not only does riding an eBike help improve heart health, but it helps burn fat too.

2. eBikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors

Pedelec eBikes are a great way to get outdoors for open-air enthusiasts who already have their own exercise routine. It has been proven that spending time outdoors has numerous health benefits. To name a few, it lowers stress levels, regulates blood pressure and improves memory and focus.

Researchers in Bristol have found that the average percent of peak oxygen uptake is similar between traditional cycling and eBiking. It ranges from 58 to 74% and 51 to 73% respectively, making it irrelevant whether you are riding a road bike or a pedelec.

Even a short ride will provide an energy boost that is approximately equal to drinking one cup of coffee. It also appears to be easier to be physically active while surrounded by gorgeous shades of deep greens. eBiking while enjoying the sun on your skin will give you a nice tan while boosting your vitamin D levels.

It also increases levels of white blood cells and boosts the immune system which helps the body fight infections and diseases.

3. It promotes better mental health

While the evidence is limited, outdoor physical activity such as eBiking seems to have great effects on mental health too. Riding an eBike outdoors is a good way to soothe anxiety and help fight depression. It enhances creativity, regulates hormone levels, and provides relief from the everyday societal pressure and stress caused by traffic jams and commuting.

eBiking in nature and enjoying the smells of pine trees or freshly cut grass can help feel more relaxed and calm. In addition, riding an Electric Bike can alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder such as exhaustion and sadness.

eBikes vs Road Bikes

Road cycling has many of the mentioned health benefits, too. So let’s take a closer look and compare what really makes the difference between eBikes and road bikes.

As we mentioned previously, eBikes are less hard on joints and knees. In other words, riding uphill or against the wind will no longer be a struggle. The downside is that they may be heavier than regular bikes to carry upstairs. Luckily, this means that they are harder to steal too because moving them requires extra strength and keys to operate.

Because of low maximum speeds and motor power, eBikes are legally classified as bicycles. It means that riding usually does not require a driver's license. eBikes are also a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to cars. They do not run on gas nor do they require any sort of insurance.

Both provide its riders with the convenience of riding in bike lanes, through parks, as well as taking shortcuts. In other words, you will successfully avoid the rush hour stress while caring for the planet.

With an eBike you won’t need to worry about finding a parking space in a crowded downtown either. Just enjoy the fresh breeze, sun and friendly vibes from fellow bikers and pedestrians.

Compared to traditional mid-grade bicycles, however, eBikes are pricier and battery replacement might pose extra expenses. According to online eBike enthusiasts, lead-acid may last for a couple of years or 500 cycles. YOLO’s lithium-ion batteries have a slightly longer life and will serve three to five years or 1500 cycles.

Robust design still has its benefits. It provides a more upright seating position and gives eBikers a better overview of traffic and obstacles. You can pretty much wave goodbye to neck and back pain as you ride your eBike.

Whether you are nostalgic about old-fashioned bicycles or opt for their technologically-advanced counterpart, you are on the right path. Both eBikes and road bikes will get you your daily dose of exercise and happiness hormones surging.