We totally get how it could sound alarming to know that you're going to perform an electric bike assembly all by yourself today, but in reality, our YOLO 30A Electric Cruiser bikes are designed so that putting them together is easy breezy. We’ve got you covered with the info you'll need so you can get the job done in record time and, as a bonus, you can brag to your friends that you assembled your own E-bike and that you are indeed very handy!

The assembly will only take you about 10-15 minutes, and everything you’ll need to accomplish the task is in right inside your YOLO electric bike box.

YOLO Electric Cruiser Bike Assembly

Below are your complete electric bike assembly instructions, plus a “how-to” video that you can follow along with each step of the way:

  1. Remove your E-bike from its box, and open the kickstand so it’s nice and steady while you remove the bubble wrap and prepare for assembly.
  2. Remove the rubber protection and Insert the handlebar stem into the bike
  3. Remove the rubber cap over the downscrew so you can tighten the handlebar with your 6 mm Allen wrench, then return the rubber cap once its tightened.
  4. Adjust the end-bolts on your tires to make sure they are properly fastened
  5. Tighten your headlight into an upright, and center position on the front of your bike
  6. Adjust the handlebar height and angle to your comfort
  7. Dab grease on the pedal threads and screw the pedals onto the cranks and tighten until they are nice and snug
  8. Dab grease on the bottom two inches of the seat post and insert into the bike. Tighten the seat post clamp and adjust your seat height.
  9. Test your battery (you’ll learn how to insert and remove the battery in the tutorial below)
  10. Inflate your tires

And voila, your YOLO E-bike is ready for cruising!

In case you haven’t yet purchased your one-of-a-kind eCruiser, word on the street is it’s becoming our customers’ most comfortable and practical method of transportation. Make sure to check them out here so you can see for yourself!