Native of Apalachicola, and Chief Officer of the Walton County Sheriff's Department, AJ Smith is getting in tune with nature. He set off to explore the Apalachicola River from it's Georgia line to where it meets the Apalachicola Bay. He challenged  himself and a friend to make the 108 mile paddle to raise money for wheelchair ramps for those who can't afford them. The "Ram It Up Program", was a great success for his own community and inspired several counties in Florida to consider how they could get more involved in championing their local waterway. AJ hopes that one day a coalition of counties along the river will be more active in protecting and promoting this precious waterway. We hope this story inspires you to get involved in your own favorite waterway. After all You Only Live Once!

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In tune With Nature, YOLOboarding The Apalachicola River With AJ Smith from YOLO Board on Vimeo.