YOLO Board is proud to introduce a diverse program of local activities branded YOLO Board Adventures!

Florida's serene Gulf Coast attracts visitors from all across the U.S., resulting in a multibillion-dollar tourism economy in South Walton County alone. The coastal lifestyle is highly valued by the growing local population and visitors alike, and local tourism businesses are increasingly incorporating activities to meet the latest consumer traveling trend of pairing "What to Do" with "Where to Stay".

YOLO Board was family-founded as a Stand Up Paddleboard company ten years ago in South Walton County, FL. With "You Only Live Once" as our mantra, a focus on lifestyle has always been engrained in our company's identity. The goal of YOLO Board Adventures is to combine our strong local roots with our vision for the YOLO lifestyle, offering a range of activities that encourage community, well-being, and a chance to connect with nature. From fitness classes to pub crawls, sunset paddles to YOLO Yoga - there's an adventure for everyone. Most are reoccurring and many are free! 

If you are in the South Walton area, we invited you to join us on a YOLO Board Adventure and experience what makes our area so special. You can find more information and even book your next YOLO Board Adventure by clicking this link.

"We’re excited to expand offerings to those wanting a little adventure in their life, even if just during a short visit to the Gulf Coast. The opportunity to paddle with us, pedal with us, discover well-being or make your own path is at the core of the YOLO Tribe’s values,” - Jeff Archer, YOLO Board CEO