Multipurpose Inflatables that are fun for the whole tribe.

We're excited to share the newest addition to the YOLO Inflatable lineup, YOLO Float Decks. Judging by early feedback, we feel our Float Decks have the potential to become one of our best-selling items and a regular in our growing Inflatable lineup for many years to come. Of course, that begs the question: what is a Float Deck?
Maybe it's easiest to start with what they're not. YOLO Float Decks aren't Paddleboards - they don't have fins, don't include a paddle, and aren't engineered to glide across the water. However, they are constructed using the same high-quality materials and process as our Inflatable SUPs. They're also backed by the same industry-leading 3 year warranty.
YOLO Float Decks are multipurpose Inflatables that are fun for the whole family. They can be used as floating Yoga mat, a portable dock, swim platform, even a very fancy pool float. Float Decks fully inflate into a rigid, super-stable platform with non-slip padding. Our 8' x 3' model will float up to 250 lbs., while the 8 'x 8' model can float over 1,000 lbs.
There's a few Quality of Life features: a bungee system for securing gear, five carry handles, and a number of auxiliary tie-downs - great for anchoring, attaching a leash, or tying multiple Float Decks together. When not in use, YOLO Float Decks can be easily deflated and rolled up for no-hassle storage and transportation.
Sunbathe in serenity. Level up your Yoga class. Have a picnic in the Gulf of Mexico, or an epic game of 'King of the Deck' with the whole fam. At the beach, on the boat, even at the pool: anywhere water meets fun, just show up & blow up with YOLO Inflatable Float Decks!
YOLO Inflatable Decks start at only $599 shipped, or as low as $20/month with our financing program.