One accessory that you cannot leave home without is your leash.  It's a matter of SAFETY FIRST!  When the SUP industry was in it's infancy, the leash was not a topic of discussion.   As racing became a bigger part of the sport, that's when leashes came to the forefront of the game.  We now know that a leash is as important to stand up paddleboarding as a paddle.  Waves, friends, and other distractions can cause us to fall off of our sup board, and in still water, it might not be difficult to get back to your board.  But in many cases, in just a few seconds, your board can be carried many yards away from you, and if a wave takes it, you may not be able to swim to it.  A leash will put your mind at ease, and let you enjoy your stand up paddleboard session without worry.  So grab your leash and go SUP!