2019 Paddle Palooza SUP race

Thanks to everyone who came out to Paddle Palooza this weekend.  OMG it was such a great community paddleboard event.  Sometimes sup racing can be very stressful and intense.  This sup race was the opposite of that.

Our entire paddle board community was together to celebrate this great sport that gives back so much.  It's all about camaraderie and time on the water.   Stand up Paddleboarding is so much more than medals and trophies, it's about our tribe!  The vibe was so great and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and spectators and paddlers for making this the best SUP event ever.

Even though this is just for fun, these paddlers worked hard for their bottle openers!  Here are the results:

3-mile ladies overall SUP
1. Beth Zagurski
2. Rebecca Bush
3. Lisa Boisjolie

3-mile 50+  SUP
1. Lisa Boisjoilie
2. Patti Hanna
3. Brandy Meredith

3-mile men overall SUP
1. Mike Markham
2. Chad Welsh
3. Macie Guzia

3-mile men 50+  SUP
1.Curt Hawn
2. Kent sutton
3. Dave Leach

1-mile ladies overall  SUP
1. Cat Ryland
2. Tereza Meredith
3. Sarah Chessler

1-mile ladies 50+ SUP
1. Karen Angelosante
2. Tina Sutton
3. Lin Cunningham

1-mile men overall  SUP
1. Ethan Daleo
2. Jeremiah Brewer
3. Jason Peoples

1-mile men 50+  SUP
1. Dan Morea
2. Michael Lynch

SUP Grande Race
1. Olukai
2. Gulf Therapy

3-mile Paddleboard Results:
Mike Markham
Chad Welsh
Maciej Guzik
Curt Hawn
Chris Irons
Kent Sutton
Dave Leach
Sean Miller
Jimmie Oneal
Aaron Haugen
Rick Moore
Troy Archer
Beth Zagursky
Henry Bradford
Ross Carter
Steve Bowden
George Outmezguine
Rebecca Bush
Erik Peltier
Eric Olins
Lisa Boisjolie
Janis Iverson
Caroline Sloan
Justin Townsend
Rachel Sanders
Dana Morgan
Mark Messerly
Patti Hanna
Jim Cunningham
Rex Dillon
Leo Tyska
Kate Herndon
Mallory Meredith
Dale Donnelly


1 Mile Paddle Board Results:
Ethan Daleo
Cay Ryland
Jeremiah Brewer
Jason Peoples
Adam Bush
Tereza Meredith
Jay Azzaretto
Ryan Marcel
Sarah Chessler
Karen Angelosante
Craig Alexander
Taylor Mock
Adam Boyer
Daniel Walker
Ashley Holmes
Tina Sutton
Keith Freeman
Lin Cunningham
Dan Morea
Jordan Crowder
Michael Lynch
Carrey Burgner
Lynn Morea
Darian Wagner
Lauren Kirk
Christina Tilton
Ruby Frishkorn
Kimberly Lynch
April Marcel
Jennifer Vigil
Shantel Sonnier
Joni Alexander
Dee Dee Dahlberg
Annie Trudeau
Molly Rhea Caplenor
Karen Carter
Christina Morelock

Grande SUP Race
Olukai -
t.meredith, s.meredith, a.holmes, j.williams, c.hooker, a.weiner
Gulf Therapy -
a.abbott,s. meredith,h.harshman, m.berler, joel mitchell, j.serrato
Chicken Dinner -
Team 8 -
p.hanna, l.boisjoilie, t.sutton, k.sutton, e.olins, c.welsh
Sonder Project -
a. marceaux,e.fieser,a.ingram,a.creel,s.billcliffe,kcatellier
Muddy Water Paddle Co. -
t.archer, j.archer, j.oneill, c.oneill, b.zagursky, m.guzik

Kids Stand Up Paddleboard Race
Cooper Davis
Chloe Davis
Georgia Freeman
Zoe Gaskin
Georgia Freeman
Little Miller