"This interval session is going to hurt."  "You need a good training." "Get yourself ready to be gasping for air." "It's so beautiful here."

These were my random thoughts as I walked down the dock at The BoatHouse in Watercolor, home of YOLO Board Adventures.

You see, the BoatHouse sits on one of fifteen coastal dune lakes in South Walton county. Coastal dune lakes occur in a handful of locations around the world; New Zealand, Australia, Madagaskar, and South Walton, Florida. The lakes are formed by winds that redistribute the sand and create shallow basins (most only averaging 5 feet deep). Mostly freshwater, the contents of coastal dune lakes sit within a few feet of the Gulfs saltwater, seperated by a natural berm of sand.

Following a heavy rain or other inflow, sand berms are breached causing freshwater to flow openly into the Gulf of Mexico. This action is known as an "outfall" and it's the time when seawater can also flood back into the dune lake until the levels stabilize. This results in a rare ecosystem that's home to both fresh and saltwater species.

I put the YOLO Board Prowler in the water, grabbed my new Kialoa Hulu paddle and proceeded to have a great training in one of natures most beautiful places.

If you ever find yourself in South Walton in Northwest Florida, look me up because I'd love to show you a rare coastal dune lake........and get an unreal training session in.


YOLO Board Team Rider