Remember the freedom you felt when cruising down the street on your first two-wheeler growing up?

As a child, your bike was portal to a whole world of possibilities, filled with adventure at every turn. But, as an adult, it can be difficult to get back that sense of limitless freedom you once had.

That is...until you try an electric bike.

You can go anywhere and do anything on the right electric bike. And, unlike a traditional bike, they are made to take you farther and faster than ever before.

E bikes are growing in popularity worldwide because of their innovative design, usability and superior safety. There’s even a number of E bike health benefits, that you may not know about.

So, we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of electric bikes and give you 15 reasons why you should be riding one right now.


1) It’s the Best of Both Worlds

It’s not quite a bike, but it’s not quite a scooter either. An electric bike is pedal powered AND motor powered. You still pedal like an old-school bike, but the momentum from the pedal kicks in the motor through a torque sensor in the drive train. So, you still get the control and ease of a bicycle with the extra power of a motorized vehicle.

2) It’s Still Exercise!

Just because there’s a motor, doesn’t mean your skipping the exercize. Though the motor assists you, peddling is still required the entire time. So, you burn almost the same amount of calories as you would on a traditional bike. Plus, you’re able to sustain the workout longer and go much father.

3) You’ll Rediscover the Joy of Cycling

If your regular bike has been chained up for weeks, months or even years, an electric bike is a great way to regain your confidence and get back in the cycling game. It’s less strenuous on your body and much easier to control, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free, even if you’re still a little shaky on two wheels.

4) Anybody Can Use It

Battery assisted E bikes are great for all people, of all ages. Even those with injuries or illness can enjoy life on two wheels with an electric bicycle. There’s less need to worry about speed and power, so any person is able to cruise freely by the beach, zip down the street, or take a slow-paced roll down a forest path.

5) It’s NOT Your Grandma’s E Bike

Back in the early days of electronic bikes, their design was rather clunky and quite heavy. But, the technology has vastly improved. And, along with much smaller motors and batteries, E bikes are now much sleeker, stylish and lightweight. In fact, they’re hardly distinguishable from a regular bike. Plus, they come in a wide variety of types such as mountain bikes, beach cruisers and road bikes.

6) It Will Take You Farther For Longer

E bikes are designed for long distances, and are ideal for touring. You can only go so far on your own steam, but with an electronic bike you can turn that short excursion into a true adventure. Save your energy and go farther than you would on a regular bike. Everything about an electronic bike is made to keep you riding longer without exhaustion.

7) It Can Handle Heavy Loads

Whether you're carrying groceries, camping gear or a nice little picnic set-up, you can bet the E bike can handle it. Because E bikes are more stable and manageable, you can carry more cargo without it turning into a terrifying balancing act. And, many E bike models come equipped with racks to safely secure your stuff.

8) You Set the Pace

Unlike motorbikes or scooters, the sole source of power isn’t the motor. The torque sensor detects how much force is being put on the pedals and distributes the motorized power accordingly. This allows the rider to set their own pace, rather than rely on preset speeds. On an electronic bike, it’s your reflexes and muscles that determine your speed, while the motor assists.

9) Wear What You Want

There's less of a chance an electric bike will cause your body to overheat while pedaling, especially compared to a traditional bike. Therefore you’re not restricted in your choice of what to wear while riding. This means you can wear clothing and gear that better matches prevailing weather conditions without worrying about getting too sweaty.

10) Designed For Road Warriors

Many cities have laws requiring cyclists to ride in the street, rather than the sidewalks. However, biking on the road can be daunting. E bikes motorized pedal assistance allows you to maintain a consistent speed, which is helpful when cars are whizzing past you at high speeds. An electric bike will help you keep up with the flow of traffic and have a safer ride on busy roads.

11) Acceleration, Acceleration, Acceleration

An electric bike’s extra acceleration power gives you a helpful boost when starting from a full stop. This is especially important at stop signs and traffic lights. Electric bikes also allow you to take bends and corners (where cyclists most commonly bail out) with more accuracy, because the E bike motor assists you when accelerating out of the turn.

12) Hills & Wind Aren’t a Problem...

Motorized assistance helps you tackle whatever obstacles nature throws at you, especially when biking uphill or against the wind. E bikes come fitted with different power modes, so when you are faced with a steep incline or blustery headwinds, all you need to do is crank up the power and go!

13) You Can Ditch the Commute

Some workers choose to bike to their jobs, and avoid the soul-crushing misery that is rush-hour. Even though cycling to work is a great way to skip traffic and introduce exercise into your daily routine, you risk arriving sweaty and tired. Using an electronic bike, because it requires less exertion, allows you to arrive fresh and alert for a solid days work, and not dread the arduous ride home.

14) It Helps the Environment

Not only does an electric bike have less of an impact on your muscles and joints, it also has less of an impact on the environment. The E bike itself has no carbon emissions, and only requires a small amount of electricity to charge. It’s a much more sustainable, eco-friendly option than driving or public transit.

15) It Saves You Money

Although a traditional bike can cost less than an electric bike, when compared to other motorized vehicles, the price is minimal. Whether you’re looking for a weekend-excursion vehicle, or a daily commute option, an E bike is the most cost-effective choice. Plus, they are so easy to use and fun to ride, you’ll be doing it all the time!


Buy or finance one today! You Only Live Once...Enjoy the ride!