Now's the time to restock your old fleet, or start up a new venture!  Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rental businesses are not only fun, but also very lucrative.  Spending the season on the water, providing rentals and giving lessons or tours, is not a bad gig.  However, the success of your business does depend on the paddleboard that you choose to offer your clients.

The YOLO Board Hammerhead is definitely the way to go if you are providing SUP rentals to your customers.  You want a board that not only performs well in the water, but also stands up to the tough treatment that renters will undoubtedly give the boards every day.  With our thermo-molded technology, the Hammerhead has the advantages of being lightweight and offering incredible durability.  It is the perfect solution for the SUP rental market.   Coming in both 11' and 12' versions, you can provide a universally stable board in the 11', or you can offer more of a touring shape with our 12' Woody Explorer YOLO Board, complete with the displacement hull.

As Ebbing Tides of Virginia Beach says:
"We love how durable the Hammerhead is.  If you are looking for an amazing rental fleet, the YOLO Board is the way to go."



With the same passion we have for creating exceptional paddle boards, we also have built a better beach cruiser.  These single-speed bicycles have multiple upgrades that enhance their style, ride and ease of care.  The upright riding style, comfort seat, 3" tires and double-walled rims all add to the overall quality experience for your riders. The rust-buster package, aluminum alloy frames and elimination of cables, and shifters keep operators renting bicycles instead of repairing bicycles! That's reason enough to have a fleet of YOLO Beach Cruisers.  When you consider that these well-built bikes last longer than other rental fleet options, the investment is even wiser

We would be pleased to provide you quotes on available products.

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