The mobility and versatility of a SUP board opens up a world of possibilities. There’s always a reason to SUP board- all year round, in multiple climates, in all kinds of bodies of water, and for a myriad of different activities.

However, it’s important to know how to dress for the occasion. Whether you’re on a SUP board pulling yoga poses under the sun, fighting the your way through a class-four river rapid, or navigating the still waters between towering glaciers, you choice of SUP clothing drastically affects your experience.

YOLO Board wants to help you look and feel your best when you’re up on that board no matter where or when! So, here’s our official Stand Up Paddle Clothes Guide for any type of weather and all kinds of activities:

Stand Up Paddle Clothes For Each Season:


Rocking just a swimsuit on your SUP board during the summer is totally the way to go. It’s the go-to option for summer paddle board swimwear. Wearing paddle board swimsuits allows you to jump in and out of the water without being bogged down by extra fabric. It also helps get that perfect 360 degree tan. But remember, the sun’s reflection off the water is no joke, so always layer on the sunscreen!

If you’re not planning on taking a dip for some reason, whether you’re racing, or you’re touring unswimmable waters, quick-drying, lightweight materials are the best SUP board clothing option. Avoid cotton or more porous fabrics. Board shorts (aptly named) are a good option - paired with a rash guard, which is fast drying and also protects from the sun.

As for your feet, it’s completely acceptable to go barefoot on the board during summer. SUP boards are made with a grip on the top specifically for bare feet. But, again, don’t forget the sunscreen! If you’ve ever had the tops of your feet sunburned before, you understand the extra emphasis on lathering up those tootsies.

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In spring the weather can be unpredictable, so a versatile layered approach to SUP clothing is wise. You want to wear stand up paddle clothes that help you remain cool when being physically active, but also dry quickly in case you fall in. You don’t want to be soaking wet when that sharp spring breeze hits!

There are plenty of lightweight jackets that make perfect SUP board clothing, and are made to be wind-resistant. If it gets unexpectedly warm, you can easily take it off and tie it around your waist or toss it in your bag.

It’s also smart to bring a dry bag with a spare set of clothes if you happen to fall in, or weather conditions change. And neoprene or waterproof shoes are recommended. Even if you don’t plan on getting wet, odds are your feet are going to get splashed. So, keep those toes dry and warm!

Fall/Winter Paddle Board Clothes

Just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean SUP Board season is over. In fact, some of the best boarding and most spectacular sites are in colder climates. But, this means you have to suit up correctly, or else you’ll spend more time shivering than taking in the awesome scenery.

Depending on what you plan to do, fall/winter paddle board clothes varies. If you’re catching serious waves and you know you’re going to make a splash, or even topple into frigid waters, you’ll want to wear the whole wetsuit ensemble, with gloves, neoprene boots and full-body wetsuit.

If your touring less treacherous cold waters, strategic layering is the way to go with your stand up paddle clothes. Multiple thin layers are easier to regulate, as your body temperature changes the more or less active you are.

The base layers should be thermal and water resistant, like a rash guard. You can cover up with a snuggly fleece as long as it’s wind resistant. And always protect your extremities with gloves, a hat and waterproof booties.

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SUP board fishing is great in cold water, warm water, rivers, lakes and oceans. So, always dress for the climate. But, here are a few more tips about SUP board clothing for fishing.

Most of the time you will be sitting for long hours under the sun so a wide brimmed hat or a baseball cap is a great way to go. And if it’s especially hot try freezing a wet bandana and wearing it around your neck for an instant and easy cool-down.

If you plan on jumping in shallow waters to cast your line, then waders are a great way to keep dry, short of total submersion. Plus they look super cool!

Also, investing in a nice pair of polarized sunglasses will help increase visibility. After all one of the main benefits of SUP board fishing is the wider visual scope you get when standing, rather than sitting in a boat. So, up your game with a great pair of shades!

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It can be difficult to find your inner peace if your outfit is riding-up or constricting. You want your SUP yoga clothes to feel good. So, before hopping out on the water and striking a pose, try a few “test” stretches in whatever attire you choose to wear, so you’re sure to feel comfortable.

When you’re considering your stand up paddle clothes for yoga, always think about the weather conditions and dress accordingly. But, remember you will be working up a sweat. Most of the time your usual yoga attire is best.

Don’t be afraid to show off that bikini bod too. Many people choose to wear their bathing suit when practicing SUP board yoga. Just make sure, if you are wearing a bikini, especially with a bandeau top, that it’s secure and won’t pop off mid-stretch.

Wearing a bathing suit makes it easy to take a nice refreshing dip after bending and stretching under the hot sun. Just remember to wear sunscreen.

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SUP boarding through white water rapids can be exhilarating, but it’s important to wear the proper SUP clothing to ensure your safety and comfortability. There’s a few must-have things to throw on before hitting the river.

You will most definitely fall in- so plan to get totally soaked. Even the best in the biz get knocked off in the rapids. So consider the water temperature, and the SUP board clothing tips above, whenever you’re whitewater SUP boarding.

Never go barefoot. Always wear neoprene shoes or sturdy strap-on sandals. You will not be a happy camper if you’re stubbing your toes or getting stuck between the rocks on the bottom of the river all day. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet, remember traction is important for getting in and out on the river bank.

If your going hard core or you will be encountering large rock formations, body armor is wise. But most of the time a wetsuit and life vest will suffice.

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Now you have all the info you need to be safe, stylish and comfortable all year round! Happy SUP Boarding!