Learn to teach Pilates on the Stand Up Paddleboard! This intensive workshop led by YOLO Ambassador Karen Mirlenbrink, will teach the Pilates instructor all there needs to know about creating a floating Pilates studio and teaching Pilates on the Stand Up Paddleboard. Get on board with the fastest growing fitness and water trend in the world!

This ACE-Approved course covers topics such as Anatomy of the Stand Up Paddleboard, Basic Paddling Skills, Communicating Paddling skills to clients, Group Facilitation Strategies, Pilates Foundations and Board Applicable Exercises, Basic to Advanced Exercises on the board, Safety and Liability Issues of Outdoor Fitness Programs.

Upon finishing the course, teachers will have received the SUPilates Training and will also be a Certified World Paddle Association Level I Instructor (a $295 Value).  She has classes in Florida, New Jersey, and Hawaii!