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  1. Riding an E-Bike Is Not Cheating

    Riding an E-Bike Is Not Cheating
    A growing body of research shows that electric-assist bikes may have profoundly positive health impacts—and not just for the people who ride them but for society Electric bikes have been around for over a decade, first as urban utility machines and, increasingly, as performance models for enthusiast recreational riders. But there’s a persistent criticism that using a bike with...
  2. My 1st Time on an Electric Bike

    My 1st Time on an Electric Bike
    I hadn’t been on a bicycle in years. Since then, I had been pregnant, had a traumatic labor and delivery, cared for a sweet baby who didn’t sleep much, and had just started my recovery from all of the above. On one bright September day in Northwest Florida, my now-18-month-old was running around and talking up a storm at a...
  3. Is your rental business ready?

    Is your rental business ready?
    Now's the time to restock your old fleet, or start up a new venture!  Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rental businesses are not only fun, but also very lucrative.  Spending the season on the water, providing rentals and giving lessons or tours, is not a bad gig.  However, the success of your business does depend on the paddleboard that you choose...

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