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  1. Is your rental business ready?

    Is your rental business ready?
    Now's the time to restock your old fleet, or start up a new venture!  Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rental businesses are not only fun, but also very lucrative.  Spending the season on the water, providing rentals and giving lessons or tours, is not a bad gig.  However, the success of your business does depend on the paddleboard that you...
  2. Choosing the best paddleboard

    Choosing the best paddleboard
    The best stand up paddle board is the one that fits you.   So when choosing the best paddleboard for you , make sure It fits you and your lifestyle, it fit's in your garage, and it fits on your car.  When it fits in all these places, it's a lot easier to go paddling on almost any day.  The health benefits...
  3. YOLO listed on

    YOLO listed on just listed our YOLO Coastal Cruiser SUP board as "What to pack for the beach". We are stoked to be included the list of 25 seaside essentials to maximize your fun in the sun. !  Check out the full article HERE.  
  4. LIMITED EDITION - YOLO Board Original

    LIMITED EDITION - YOLO Board Original
    12- YOLO ORIGINAL Hammerstrength molded epoxy and spectacular graphics by Jake Meyer and Richie Gudzan set this board apart from any other.  It’s equipment that works for you and a fantastic work of art.  With a new, sleeker shape and consistent performance, our 12’ Original continues to be a favorite in any quiver and on the water.  With great...
  5. YOLO Board Gift Cards

    YOLO Board Gift Cards
    This holiday we wanted to give you the opportunity to help the ones you love get the gift they want! Introducing YOLO Board Gift Certificates. Just enter your info and send a gift certificate or print out and present in person. You can also share the personality quiz below with them. It takes the guess work out of shopping. YOLO Board Personality Quiz and...

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