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  1. Father’s Day 2018: YOLO Sale & Gift Guide

    Father’s Day 2018: YOLO Sale & Gift Guide
    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2018 There’s no better way to bond, than going on an adventure with your dad. Some of the most memorable times in life are spent camping, fishing, biking and hiking with that special father-figure in your life. Explore the outdoors with your pop for Father’s Day weekend by getting him a gift from YOLO. From bikes...
  2. Choosing the best paddleboard

    Choosing the best paddleboard
    The best stand up paddle board is the one that fits you.   So when choosing the best paddleboard for you , make sure It fits you and your lifestyle, it fit's in your garage, and it fits on your car.  When it fits in all these places, it's a lot easier to go paddling on almost any day.  The health...

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