1. Good Luck to All Paddlers this Weekend!

    Good Luck to All Paddlers this Weekend!
    Best of luck to all competitors and our YOLO Team Riders, Westy, Leah, and Christian at Chattajack 31 and Karen who is hosting the Clearwater Beach Classic.  Three big races all happening this weekend throughout the south.  The 31-mile beast of a paddle, the Chattajack 31 is taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The inaugural Clearwater Beach Classic, down in Clearwater, Florida, ...
  2. Why Chattajack?

    Why Chattajack?
    Photo Credit: Shawna Herring Photography Written by Leah Seacrest Being in the industry, I know my place. I’m a SUP Fitness chick. That’s what I do--that’s what I’m good at--it’s my passion--it’s my contribution to a segment of the industry that is growing. Inevitably, when I travel and instruct, the question comes up, “Do you race?” And, my answer is...

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