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  1. Polar Vortex Paddling - NOT!

    Polar Vortex Paddling - NOT!
    We do not recommend stand up paddle boarding in polar vortex conditions!  However, if you are in Northwest Florida and you consider 50 degrees FREEZING, then here are some cold weather paddling tips for you: Some of us are fairweather paddlers, who stow away our gear until the waters are warm enough to dip our toes in. However, there are...
  2. Destin Adventures on a YOLO Board

    Destin Adventures on a YOLO Board
    It’s funny, how genes work. One would think that when a parent of great athletic ability has children, those said children would also possess athletic ability. This, though, is not the case when it comes to me. My father had a pretty successful basketball career in his day, quintessential athlete; however, my mother, bless her heart, holds not a single...
  3. Welcome our new dealer Triple B Outfitters in Chattanooga!

    Welcome our new dealer Triple B Outfitters in Chattanooga!
    We are stoked to welcome Triple B Outfitters to the YOLO family of dealers.   Triple B is Chattanooga Tennessee's kayak fishing headquarters, and seeing the rise of SUP, they have embraced stand up paddling and stand up paddle fishing!  These guys are known for their customer service, and we know they will represent our brand in a legendary way! ...

    Do you need a race day routine? Having a routine including mental preparation helps you to be organized and systematic before a race and or training session. It helps you get ‘in the zone’. Most athletes have a standard warm-up they go through before competing that typically includes stretching, running, drills, and or tactical practice. Athletes individualize their warm up...
  5. Fletcher Fastest in Florida

    Fletcher Fastest in Florida
      Team rider Garrett Fletcher now has bragging rights to "The Fastest Paddler in Florida" after making his way onto the podium this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race. At the beginning of the race season, Danny Smith brought together the directors of some of the largest races in Florida with the idea of creating a...

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