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  1. Black Friday Paddleboards & Bikes

    Black Friday Paddleboards & Bikes
    Local Gulf Coast residents we hope to see you this Black Friday and throughout the weekend for incredible deals! First 30 people get $100 gift card! Open at 6am. Check out some of the in store only deals below. YOLO Board + Beach 11610 US Hwy 98 W Miramar Beach, FL 32550 ON SALE BOARDS  Get some of our...
  2. Happy 4th of July - YOLO Board Sale

    Happy 4th of July - YOLO Board Sale
    HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Celebrate with great deals on YOLO Boards, Bikes, and more. Check out more details on all the great in-store offers below. We are located 1 mile west of the Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach, Florida. The sale starts this Saturday! (Map it) NEW 2016 BOARDS! Check out New YOLO Boards  USED BOARDS - Show up early to get the best deals...

    Do you need a race day routine? Having a routine including mental preparation helps you to be organized and systematic before a race and or training session. It helps you get ‘in the zone’. Most athletes have a standard warm-up they go through before competing that typically includes stretching, running, drills, and or tactical practice. Athletes individualize their warm up...
  4. Leah Seacrest Featured in Borders Magazine

    Leah Seacrest Featured in Borders Magazine
    We're excited to see that YOLO team rider and fitness ambassador Leah Seacrest is featured in the December 2015 issue of of Borders Magazine! Check out the article here. Way to go Leah!    
  5. Marriage On The Mississippi

    Marriage On The Mississippi
    YOLO Board team rider Kacie Wallace and her now husband Richard Stockmans, took the plunge into marriage as they floated along the muddy Mississippi River in what they called their "Duck Dynasty-style wedding". This totally awesome wedding took place after the Big River Regional WPA-sanctioned race in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which both Kacie and Richard participated.  Kacie's fellow YOLO...
  6. Why Chattajack?

    Why Chattajack?
    Photo Credit: Shawna Herring Photography Written by Leah Seacrest Being in the industry, I know my place. I’m a SUP Fitness chick. That’s what I do--that’s what I’m good at--it’s my passion--it’s my contribution to a segment of the industry that is growing. Inevitably, when I travel and instruct, the question comes up, “Do you race?” And, my answer is...

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