The best stand up paddle board is the one that fits you.   So when choosing the best paddleboard for you , make sure It fits you and your lifestyle, it fit's in your garage, and it fits on your car.  When it fits in all these places, it's a lot easier to go paddling on almost any day.  The health benefits and peaceful joy that come with paddling make it a powerful medicine for the mind, body, and soul.  So here are some things to consider when looking for the best stand up paddleboard for you:

Think Size

If the board is too small or too big, you will not want to paddle it.  It has to be in that "Goldilocks" zone of "just right."  Check the rider weight limits, or better yet, demo the sup board to make sure you are comfortable on the water and that the board has enough volume (floatation) for you.  Remember, the longer the board, the faster it is, the better it tracks (travels in a straight line), while recreational boards have more stability.

Think Storage

 If a 12' or a 10'6 board will not fit in your storage closet or your garage, you might consider an inflatable stand up paddleboard.  Easily inflated and deflated, this option solves that common issue of not enough secure storage space.

Think Family

Remember that even small kids can paddle a 12' sup board, because once they are on the water, the SUP boards don't weigh much at all.  Even a 5-yr-old can push a paddle through the water and move the board.  So if you are purchasing one stand up paddleboard for the whole family, make sure to get one to fit the largest paddler.

Think Transport

There are many ways to get your SUP board to your favorite paddling spot.  Throw it in the back of a truck, strap it to a car rack, or wheel it with a SUP carrier.  Make sure to weigh all of your options, and do what's best for you.  Thule has a very popular SUP Taxi that is lockable and fits on top of your car racks.  The SUP Wheels transport caddy is a great solution if you have a long way to walk.

So get out there and enjoy the healing properties of being on the water.

You Only Live Once!