Women are drawn to the sport of stand up paddle boarding for many reasons including communing with nature, exercise, having fun…

..or just to escape the crazy.

Calm, quiet, rolling waves can ease the stress of your everyday life. SUP can be very soothing, even therapeutic, for so many. It's amazing how quiet it can be just yards offshore. YOLO Boards provide a healing escape from hectic everyday life.

The best SUP boards vary from activity to activity. No matter what your goal is, the perfect SUP is waiting for you.

How to Pick Your Perfect Board
Best Paddle Boards For Fun

Probably the biggest reason to put a stand up paddleboard into your routine is to have a little fun. Paddling with family and/or friends is always a blast. As grandma always says, laughter is the best medicine!

For the sole purpose of recreation, All Around SUP Boards are best. A light, sturdy board works for newbies or seasoned SUP veterans, providing an easy, stable ride no matter the conditions. All Around boards are truly fit for anyone and any occasion on the water!

Best Paddle Boards For Fishing

It’s not just boys who enjoy fishing. Plenty of skilled and talented fisherwomen love to hit the water and cast a line! SUP fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the catch without the hassle of manning a cumbersome boat or kayak.

For SUP fishing you want the most stable board possible. It’s all about superior stability and load capacity. You need a board that can hold all your gear, as well as the loads of fish you’ll be catching!

Best Paddle Boards For Racing

It’s no secret that the best SUP board for racing is specifically designed for speed. It’s also crucial that the board be stable and easily maneuvered.

For the lady speed-demon, a sleek board with a soft and forgiving entry is a must. The less resistance and more precision the better. If you want to win the race, go for a lightweight board with superior tracking.

Girl Carrying Ultra Tough Women's Stand Up Paddle Board
Heavy-Duty Paddle Boards 

An ultra tough and durable SUP board can take a real beating, so when you’re navigating white waters, or insane swells, you can remain safe, secure and damage free. You need a board that can take the abuse of rocky shorelines and rivers.

The most durable and best SUP boards are covered in fiberglass, with an EPS foam core, protected by an ABS thermoformed plastic. A well made, sturdy SUP board lets you ride on wild waters without worry.

Best Paddle Boards For Travel

A true traveler and adventurer isn’t weighed down by baggage. That’s why an inflatable SUP board is best when traveling the globe. They are a portable, light and easy go-to option for any paddler.

An Inflatable SUP usually comes with its own travel pack, bungee system, carry handle, molded-in tri fins, removable center fin, pump and pressure gauge. You can store it on boats, carry it on planes, or keep it in your car, ready to SUP at a moment’s notice.

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

SUP yoga, SUP pilates, even SUP Barre classes have been popping up all over the world. You can use your sup board for intense exercise or for a low impact alternative. Either way, your core is strengthened everytime you are out on your paddleboard. And, we all know that exercise is good for us, so why not enjoy it too!!

Certified Yoga SUP Boards usually come in the classic SUP shape, and are lightweight with extreme stability. You also want a a full-length deck pad, so you don’t slip around while holding your poses.

Find the Best Paddle Board For You!

We produce some of the best women’s paddle boards in the world. Whether you need a 10'6 epoxy, an 11' hammerhead or a 12' cruiser, check out all of our YOLO SUP boards to find the one that is best for you.