You've got a YOLO Board and YOLO Paddle, what's next?

One question we are often asked is, "What are the best Stand Up Paddleboard accessories?" A large part of what makes SUP so popular around globe is the simplicity. You really only need two things to participate: a Stand Up Paddleboard and a Paddle (three if you count water.) However, there are a handful of SUP Accessories that will not only keep you safe on the water, but also make your life easier. We'd recommend all Stand Up Paddleboarders check our Top 5 Best SUP Accessories:


This one's a no brainer - whether you prefer straight or coiled, Leashes save lives. Leashes are a safety device that tie down to the back of your Stand Up Paddleboard and strap around your ankle, ensuring that no matter what happens on the water, your SUP won't get away from you. While the remaining SUP Accessories on our list are in no particular order, we gave Leashes the top spot because we feel strongly that every Stand Up Paddleboarder should be wearing a Leash, no matter how experienced. Think of it like a seatbelt - hopefully you'll never need it, but you should wear it every time.


The Paddle Buddy Paddle Holder is one of the more innovative SUP Accessories we've seen - using two industrial-strength locking suction cups, the Paddle Buddy will attach to any Stand Up Paddleboard or Kayak with a non-porous surface in seconds. The Paddle Buddy will hold your paddle firmly in place, meaning if you're out on the water and want to take a selfie, eat a snack, or cast a line, you don't have to worry about losing your paddle. It's also really nice for those walks to the water, freeing up an extra hand that is typically used to carry your paddle. A simple, affordable accessory that works well and provides a few much-needed creature comforts - The Paddle Buddy is worth a look for anyone that loves Stand Up Paddleboarding or Kayaking.


When people think about protecting their Stand Up Paddleboard, they often think about those big, bulky board bags that are designed to protect SUPs from scratches & dings. Experience selling YOLO Boards in Florida's climate for over a decade has taught us that there are much bigger things to worry about when it comes to board protection - namely heat and UV rays. The Vamo UV board cover protects your board from harmful UV rays that cause discoloration and keeps your board 30 degrees cooler in the sun to help protect against delamination (remember - epoxy melts at 130 degrees.) Sometimes called a board sock, the UV cover is made from super lightweight 4-way stretch material that can be slipped on or off your board in seconds. It's compatible with any 10'6 - 12' SUP or Surfboard. The Vamo board cover is the easiest way to protect your investment and keep your SUP in great condition for years to come.

4. DING ALL SUP Repair Kit

Accidents happen. Sometimes they're major - but did you know you can take care of most minor SUP dents, dings, and scratches without having shell out for expensive professional repair? Always be prepared with a DING ALL SUP Repair Kit - it includes everything you need to repair minor SUP or Surfboard damage with easy, detailed instructions. Next time you're unloading your SUP and notice a crack that wasn't there last time, don't let it ruin your weekend. Patch it up and get back on the water fast with a DING ALL SUP Repair Kit.

5. SUP Wheels

Save your workout for the water, not getting to the water. Sup Wheels board carrier will make easy work of carrying your Stand Up Paddleboard to the water and has been one of our best-selling SUP Accessories for many, many years. The patented no-metal wheel and axle system holds up to harsh beach sand, dirt and salt water. You can even use the included strap handle to attach SUP Wheels to a bike - imagine biking your YOLO Beach Cruiser to the local water access while hauling your YOLO Board with a set of SUP Wheels! You might be pulled over and ticketed for being too chill.

Honorable Mention: SUP Wall Cradles

We all know that one paddler who is still laying towels down on their garage floor to store their SUP. Introduce them to civilized society with a set of SUP Wall Cradles. SUP Wall Cradles are constructed from a durable powder-coated aluminum that's foam-wrapped to protect your Stand Up Paddleboard's finish. SUP Wall Cradles mount your board is flush with the wall maximize space-saving (and ensure the stunning artwork on your YOLO Board is always on display.) SUP Wall Cradles include all the required mounting hardware and won't break the bank unlike a lot of board storage solutions on the market.