Coastal Paddle Co. will be raffling off a new 12' Original YOLO board to benefit The Eagle Fund of the Andrews Institute Foundation.,  in conjunction with their upcoming 2nd Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic!  Raffle tickets will be $20 each and can be purchased throughout the week at Coastal Paddle Company in Gulf Breeze or on the day of the race, with the drawing to be held during the awards ceremony after the race this Saturday, Apr. 20 at the Grand Marlin in Pensacola.  Help us support this great cause! For additional information call 850-916-1600

Some of the world’s most highly trained athletes are the men and women who make up America’s armed forces. When they get hurt in action, it puts more than a game in jeopardy.

The Eagle Fund provides wounded warriors access to the highest quality of care possible.


The Challenge:

Provide world–class care to America’s injured warriors
Men and women in uniform – our “military athletes” – are faced with life and death, not wins and losses.
The Global War on Terror has placed a large strain on America’s combat power with injuries depleting our force of professional service members.
These injuries are not only taking our military members out of the fight, they are damaging their quality of life.
Our goal is to help the individual Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman and Coast Guard return to service. This helps his team and strengthens the entire force.


The Model:

Andrews Continuum of Care developed for pro athletes
Pro athletes expect and receive the best in sports medicine.
Most athletes have an integrated team of professionals at their side. Much is invested in returning athletes to the playing field as soon as possible.
However, Military Athletes often encounter barriers when attempting to access the best care and treatment.


The Means:

The Eagle Fund
The Andrews Institute is striving to remove barriers to high–quality care for service members and we need your help.
The Eagle Fund was created to provide Military Athletes access to the pro sports model (The Andrews Continuum of Care).
The Fund’s goal is to return Military Athletes to the fight and back into LIFE.


The Opportunity:

Be a partner in helping the Andrews Institute help our armed forces
You can make an instant impact in the quality of life for wounded Military Athletes.
Your contribution will provide wounded military athletes access to much needed care and will ensure a better future.
We will measure the success of the Eagle Fund program to ensure your dollars are making a real difference.
Your support will bring dramatic improvements in the lives of our HEROES and fundamental changes in military injury treatment.


They give their best to protect us. Let’s give our best to support them.

Support the Eagle Fund:

The Andrews Institute’s innovative research, knowledge, skills and services are always open and available to everyone. With your help, we can provide that same level of care to the warriors who defend us.


To say that Athletes’ Performance and the Andrews Institute changed my life would be an understatement. — Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and author of “Lone Survivor”

Athletes’ Performance enabled me to recover from injuries sustained in two roadside bomb blasts. Their staff provided me one–on–one attention and built a custom take–home workout program that has empowered me to reach a new level of performance. My experience with them has made a tremendous improvement in my physical ability and quality of life. — CPT Bruce Scullion (RET) US Army Special Forces


For more information, contact:

Brett Aldridge / Director of Development / The Andrews Institute | 850.916.8662 / email