Humans have been fishing for over 40 thousand years. So, we’ve had plenty of time to develop different ways of catching fish. Some involve traps, nets and poles; on docks, on boats, and even on stilts. Today, one method people are hooked on (forgive the pun) is stand up paddle board fishing.

The lightweight, easily transported boards can reach spots other large watercrafts can’t. The beauty is- it’s just you, your board, and the water. And there’s nothing more rewarding than snagging’ a big one while balancing on a SUP board.

We want to help you gear up, get prepared, and get fishing the right way. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, following these tips will make your fishing adventure the best it can possibly be. Always remember to be safe and have fun. Make it what you want, and live every moment YOLO!

#1:  Take advantage of the elements

The lightweight SUP board rides high on the water’s surface, thus is more susceptible to the forces of nature. So, strategic planning is key. When you can, use the current or wind to propel you to the best fishing spots.

 #2: Use the right board

SUP fishing boards are more substantial than the average board, to remain stable when reeling in the fish. YOLO Board makes several varieties of SUP Fishing Boards using the latest Hammerstrength Technology. The boards are lighter and stronger, while offering superior stability and load capacity.

#3: Gear up

The first thing you should never forget is a paddle. This is obvious, but you’ll get nowhere without it! Always bring an anchor, so when you find that perfect spot you don’t float away. A lightweight cooler is a must to hold all your prize winning catches.

#4:  Keep your rod ready

Even while paddling it’s good to have your line and fly ready. A good fisherman knows a great catch can come from anywhere. So, keep your eyes peeled and your rod ready on your board.  

#5 Try hopping off the board.

Since the board allows you to float in the shallows, try getting in the water where your feet can touch the bottom. Fishing from this position gives you a firm stance when casting and reeling. Plus, it’s refreshing on a hot day!