As it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, people are finding new and boundary-pushing ways to experience SUP life out on the water. Lovers of all things SUP have integrated yoga, and even paddle board fishing into their paddle outings but an awesome trend that is starting to “make waves” is Stand up paddle board CAMPING!

SUP camping offers the ultimate in freedom and is an adventure like no other. The best thing about it is - you can take it to the extreme as much as you want. You’re in control as far as how wild or mild you want your camping trip to be.

You can organize a romantic 3 day trip with your loved one, or an exciting overnight with the family, but if you are a camping enthusiast, there is no better way to step it up just a bit, and explore some new, maybe even hard-to-reach destinations. Some even explore the Himalayas across Nepal on their paddle boards!

But, no matter where in the world you tote your SUP, even destinations close to home are a great getaway for fun in the sun on a SUP camping trip- and, wherever you go, there are a few important things to remember.

YOLO SUP Camping Guide:
#1 Know Your Board

Knowing how to choose the right paddle board is vital. If you are going on a longer trip, naturally you will need to carry a lot of things with you. This is why you need an extremely stable paddle board, suitable for expeditions.

We have our very own 12’ fisher stand up paddle board which can support up to 320 lbs with no problem. And, as we are recommending them to fishermen, who are certainly carrying a lot of gear with them, we also advise this model to anybody looking for firmness under their feet.

Of course, we have much smaller models, and the ones suitable for short distance trips, but these are the ones designed to carry heavy loads. Which brings us to our next point...

#2 Don’t Overpack

This is the same kind of advice any camping enthusiast would give you. So apart from the bare necessities, here is a list of things that you will absolutely need to have on your paddle board with you.

  • Sun protection (both sunscreen and a hat)
  • Rain prevention (check the weather, but still bring the jacket)
  • Enough of fresh water is a must, you need to stay hydrated
  • A sleeping bag and a sleeping pad
  • A tent (look for lightweight tents)
  • A change of clothes
  • Your float plan
  • A knife and optional cookware
  • A flashlight, and your first aid kit.
  • And, just in case, an extra paddle board


Depending on what kind of an expedition you have in plan, you can also bring a fishing rod and catch your lunch by yourself, but still - don’t leave the home without food supplies for each day of your trip. You’ll need the energy.

To keep everything in place you’ll need to strap all of that gear to your board, and give it a test drive before you embark on the adventure.

Naturally, besides straps, you don’t want to forget your paddle board essential accessories. Remember to bring your leash, a paddle buddy (holder) will also come in handy, and a small repair kit. Spare fin hardware would also be wise.

#3 Be Prepared

If this is your first time going on a SUP camping trip, make sure that you have a guide or at least a good paddle board partner, and that you are familiar with the area that you are planning to explore. If you’re not used to paddling 10 miles or more, choosing partially protected waters is what responsible SUP paddlers should do.

Now, if you’re going on a long distance expedition, or if you are expecting to hike, we would strongly recommend you to pick one of our new inflatable stand up paddle boards. YOLO Board inflatable paddle boards come in a complete backpack along with everything you’ll need.

This is why an inflatable SUP board is the perfect alternative. We just got a new collection, and they are as strong and appealing as standard paddle boards. These SUPs are extremely lightweight, absolutely functional, and super travel friendly!

Checking the weather conditions before your adventure paddle is obvious but be diligent about this necessity.

So, grab your board, grab some buds, plan that next great adventure, and share your SUP camping trip photos at #YOLOBOARD . Because, You Only Live Once!