The YOLO® Brand was conceived and built as a lifestyle brand that embodies a passion for living life to the fullest. For over a decade, the brand has delivered its namesake “You Only Live Once” mantra to encompass community, discovery and well-being to its ever-growing Tribe of followers.

YOLO® Brand products and services offer exhilarating experiences whether on the water with paddle and surf boards, or on land with both traditional and electric bikes. Having built a reputation for having the highest quality and most beautifully designed and vibrantly colored boards and bikes, YOLO® Brand delivers the perfect vehicles to offer exciting activities for every skill level--group social activities, dolphin paddles, fitness classes on the water or in-trail bike rides.

We invite you to join our current resort and hospitality clients who recognize that boards, bikes and even a great cup of YOLO® Coffee are significant touch points for guests in delivering memorable and uncommon experiences that meaningfully impact their days and ultimately their stays.

Please check out which YOLO® Brand products would be the perfect fit for your hotel, resort or rental amenity operation. There’s no other way to deliver You Only Live Once experiences for your guests than by aligning with the only products and brand that bear that simple, but awesome reminder…