All of our YOLO® Coffee blends and beans are ethically sourced. What does this mean? It means that the farming partnerships engaged in harvesting our beans are based on mutual respect and seek the highest standards of equity to support local producers, while also creating sustainable farming practices. And whenever feasible, throughout its production cycle, each plant is painstakingly germinated and grown without the use of extra chemicals pesticides or herbicides.

Every batch of YOLO® Coffee is prepared by hand and made to order. Longer roasting times and the great care put into every undertaking and task allow our artisan roasters to pull out the desired flavor profile for each blend and supply our supremely fresh YOLO® Coffee.

There’s no better way for guests to start any day during a stay than to “rise and grind” to an incredibly delicious cup of YOLO® Coffee.

There's no other way...

“It was important to us to have an ethically sourced coffee to offer our clients. Guests love the YOLO Coffee and it's something that really adds that extra special touch to a stay in any of our properties.”

—Dannielle Carlin
Head of housekeeping 360 Blue

"YOLO Coffee is a staple at Sunrise Coffee Shop. Guests love the rich taste and frequently buy individual bags as trip mementos to enjoy back home."

— Sarah Crowder
Manager of Sunrise Coffee