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The “YOLO Tribe” got its beginnings when a few people would, after a busy day of work, meet at the beach or bay with their new YOLO Boards before sunset, but after all the beach chairs had been put away. A meetup to paddle would frequently turn into a dinner together or having a beer and sharing stories of our days around a bonfire. As the group grew, so did its eclectic mix of people from all walks of life, with quirky and diverse backgrounds, but with a shared connection through their paddleboards. The motto You Only Live Once (YOLO) was something that spoke to each person and aligned their journey along a path of lifestyle experiences. This ideal embodies interests and goals that include building our community, encouraging discovery for ourselves and others, and fostering well-being within each of us, as well as the broader world. A Tribe emerged around the notion of living life to the fullest…of “making it count”. And before we knew it, that unique vibe began to grow far beyond our local community.

One of the best and most unique things about paddleboarding is that it is so highly accessible and welcoming for paddlers of any skill, experience, or fitness level. You control the intensity at which you choose to engage. Likewise, the experiences often mean something different to everyone. Sometimes it’s a new focus inward during a time of reflection about a life-changing circumstance, and it could be anything from a reward for a job well done, to a social gathering to unwind, meditate, or celebrate. Wherever you’re from, no matter your abilities, there’s a place for everyone in the YOLO Tribe.

For more than a decade our Tribe has grown to include team riders and ambassadors in our neighborhood and around the world. The family includes the independent retailers who sell our products in their local communities and are building tribes of their own. These are all people we connect with through SUP, yoga or kid’s camps, or with those who join us for uncommon travel experiences to Costa Rica, Hawaii or Nicaragua. Whether we’ve connected through our boards, paddles, bicycles, apparel or signature coffee, the common ground has become that shared understanding of the message that You Only Live Once, and a passion for making it count.

So no matter how you’ve found us, whether by land or sea or coffee tree, you are an important part of our YOLO Tribe and we’re proud that your story includes us. As part of the YOLO Tribe, you are the best ones to spread the vibe. So please continue to share our stories and share yours with us!

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