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eBike Fitness: Comfort & Active Lifestyle

eBike Fitness: Comfort & Active Lifestyle - YOLO Board and Bike

Riding an eBike isn’t only an easy way to get around and explore your city,  it is also a fun way to improve your health and fitness. In a study done by the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Basel, it was determined that eBikes actually have comparable health benefits to regular bicycling, and are in fact easier to reach higher speeds and altitudes with less effort.  Check out the full study here.

Thanks to the “pedelec” system, eBikes help riders travel farther, faster, and easier.


When we think of electric bikes, we often think of scooter-esq modes of transportation that require little or no athletic ability to operate.  However, through recent studies it has been determined that a rider not only gets a decent amount of exercise by riding an eBike, but that it can get just as good of a workout as a traditional bike. But how is that possible? Let’s take a look at the mechanics:

To start, eBikes can help you travel at higher speeds and higher altitudes without expending additional energy required when you ride a normal, traditional bike.  This is because as a biker pedals, energy from the motor can help push the rider along. The eBike provides a quick “break” if enough energy is stored in the battery and motor.

Riders can exercise with an eBike without putting extra strain on joints and muscles, and can help even “newbies” or beginners exercise in a safe and efficient way.


Bikes can be a useful tool in developing healthy habits and an active lifestyle- especially for individuals that work more sedentary jobs or have not been able to work out due to injury.  Numerous studies have shown the successes overweight people have experienced through using the eBike as a trainer. Did you know that cycling can burn up to 600 calories per hour? Traditional cycling can be quite straining and tiring, especially to someone who is not used to working out — eBikes prove to be less intimidating but still provide a good source of exercise, especially for those looking to lose some weight.

Still think eBikes are for lazy people? Or that they don’t provide an adequate source of exercise?  Research has shown that eBike riders end up biking longer distances, and more frequently, thus burning the same amount of calories as riding a traditional bike.


Whether you’re traveling to school or work, trying to get your daily exercise in, or just looking for a Sunday cruise - eBikes are the perfect way to get around. eBikes do some of the work for you!

With the ease of riding an e-bike, riders are more likely to take out a bike for a daily commute, or to run errands, according to a recent survey of 1,800 e-bike owners.  Initially, 55% of surveyors claimed they rode a bike on a daily or weekly basis.  Upon purchasing an eBike, 91% claimed they rode a bike rather than seeking alternative modes of transportation.

Couples who could never ride together are now enjoying the outdoors on electric bikes.  We’ve spoken to so many people who are now able to ride with each other, because the electric bike allows those of different fitness levels to keep up, they are the great equalizer!  Many hadn’t ridden a bike in over 10 years, and are now riding to lunch, shopping, farmers markets and trails. When was the last time you rode a bike? Electric cruisers make you actually WANT to ride. Arriving for lunch without your shirt drenched in sweat is such a great feeling.  Try it! We know you’ll love it.

Not only are eBikes an easy way to get around town, they have also proven to help riders lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and are just plain fun!

Check out the custom features of our e-bikes below and get cruising!

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