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Have a SUP Summer: How to Get the Best Out of Your SUP Summer

Have a SUP Summer: How to Get the Best Out of Your SUP Summer - YOLO Board and Bike

SUP summer is still in full swing my friends; the perfect time for getting up, out, and away on your paddleboard. There’s really nothing like some quiet “me-time” on your board to give you the mental break you need for getting through a hectic work week.

Even more than a trusty de-stressor, SUP boarding is a perfect excuse for a summer adventure; enabling you to try new things, discover new places, and make new connections. One of our favorite aspects about “that paddleboard life” is the way it impulses, and even enables our community to travel, explore, and get to know new places, people, and activities.

The world is your oyster atop a SUP board and we’ve compiled some of the best travel destinations and paddleboarding activities you might have never heard of, plus pro-SUP boarding travel tips that will make all the difference along the way!

Paddle Boarding Destinations You Must See

Honestly, there are so many options its hard for us to pick just a few to highlight, but we will stick to 3 of our top local SUP Destinations as well as 3 international ones that are a must-see for you SUP enthusiasts. If you’ve waited to plan your summer getaway, get ready for some major travel inspo sure to get you up and out before the season comes to a close.

SUP Destinations Around the US

1. Orange County, California

    In case you haven’t been yet, Orange County is not only gorgeous and quirky, it’s also a hopping SUP boarding hub! You can pretty much find any kind of paddleboarding activity imaginable here, you could even find some hardcore SUP board yoga and surf classes. There’s nothing quite like arriving to a perfect spot where you and your board fit right in with the whole vibe. You’ll fall in love with the coastline, the beach vibes, and the fun people you’ll meet along the way.

    2. Colorado

      We usually zero in on specific cities or areas, but the whole state of Colorado is so paddle boarding friendly that it’s a special case. There are many reasons to get your booty over to Colorado, its beautiful and varied lakes and water bodies on the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains should be reason enough to pack your bags and head west! One of the reasons why we love Colorado for SUP boarding so much is its rich variety in beautiful spots ranging from perfectly still lakes for a refreshing and relaxing paddle sesh, to rushing white water rapids that will get your adrenaline pumping.

      3. Portland, Oregon

        While it’s still warm out, let your SUP board be your excuse to get to know a U.S. destination that is a lot more fun than you might have imagined. Allow us to paint you a picture: gliding along the Willamette river while admiring the city backdrop from this impressive body of water. One of the coolest things about paddling on this river is the availability of cool bars and live music spots you can hop in and out as you’re riding along. If you’re a music lover, the city of Portland is definitely where you’ll want to be during annual events such as the Portland Jazz festival that you can access for free from your SUP board perch right on the river. There’s nothing quite like mixing the exciting vibe of a music festival with the exhilaration of dominating that huge lake with your trusty SUP board.

        International SUP Destinations

        In case you’re looking to jetset a little farther from home, there is no limit to the amazing spots you can find all over the world.

        One of our all-time favorite SUP boarding destinations is Australia. It’s a big country, but no matter where you go, there’s an amazing SUP opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on. You can find a huge variety of paddle board spots ranging from balmy, still beaches, lakes surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains that will blow your mind.

        If you’re in the mood to feel like you jumped into a National Geographic magazine, you’ll love to know that you can take your SUP board from your local lake spot, straight to scaling the icy glaciers of the Antarctic peninsula. Nothing says adventure quite like the possibility of catching sight of a Humpback whale or sea leopard as you paddle!

        Perhaps something a little less chilly? How does a Costa Rican SUP summer sound? You and your board will encounter pretty much every kind of body of water you can imagine with it’s own special set of adventure and magic. Dreamy tropical beaches for SUP surfing, waterfalls and jungle-covered rivers in the middle of the rainforest for a dreamy SUP fishing encounter? Sounds like our kind of vacay.

        SUP Travel Tips

        You might never have considered that traveling internationally with a SUP board was even an option, but at YOLO, we mean it when we say “the sky’s the limit”. We know you aren’t Mary Poppins, but our inflatable SUP boards are so light, portable, and easy to pack up, that you might as well be!  Our backpack meets airline standards and can be checked as luggage so if you’re going for one of the international SUP destinations, this will be your optimal travel option.

        If you’re staying on the mainland or planning a SUP camping trip or a wilderness adventure, we’ve got the gear to ensure you’re adequately prepared for transporting your SUP safely, and damage-free. You can find gear from specialized roof rack pads and straps, to SUP wheels. We’ve got what you’ll need to make sure you have a safe and pleasant travel experience, not to mention engage in a wide variety of activities with your board.

        SUP traveling is amazing because with one board you can have access to a huge variety of activities with different groups of people from all interests and walks of life! From getting together with a few local yogis for a SUP yoga session, SUP racing on some of the world’s largest and most impressive lakes, to touring new cities through rivers and canals, the world is yours for the taking from atop your SUP board.

        Where do you want to take your SUP board next? We can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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